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Monarchs once again took part in the annual South West Prelims competing against clubs from all over the South West and once again outdid themselves with both the NDP and FIG groups bringing home stacks of medals. Monarchs would also like to not only say well done to all our amazing gymnasts who combeted but also a great big congratulations to our very young gymnasts: Jasmin Neilson, Doris Fields, Faith Hands, Marcie Smith, Isabelle Boxer, Maggie Rice and Emma Duckham who have been selected to represent the South West in the National Finals in May.

Grade 2 mens pair OOA:

Louie Reed and Tay Meager - Gold


Grade 2 womens group OOA:

Isabelle Boxer, Faith Hands and Marcie Smith - Gold

Lucie Davies, Grace Johnson and Molly Gough - Silver


Grade 2 womens pair OOA:

Emma Duckham and Maggie Rice - Gold

Sophie Bowden and Eve Dickinson - Silver

Rosie Boxer and Kimberley Rhymer - Bronze


Grade 2 womens pair:

Jasmine Neilson and Doris Fields - Silver


Grade 3 womens pair OOA:

Lucha Heron and Emily Johnson - Silver

Connie Skinner and Juno Channon - 4th

Faith Hands and Hope Ephithite - 7th


Grade 3 womens pair:

Ella Fields and Sayba Tucker - 8th

Emily Taylor and Jasmine Neilson - 12th

Harriet Hobbs and Amelia Wainwright - 16th


Grade 4 womens pair OOA:

Aaliyah Chan and Amara Gamwell - 3rd


Grade 4 womens pair:

Olivia Reed and Leila Tranmer-Andrews - 4th

Lucy Smith and Hannah Fear - 5th

Evie Skinner and Ellie Macbeth - 6th

Tiegan Lloyd-Williams and Evie Medhurst - 7th

Rachel Medhurst and Naomi Lourenco - 9th

Kallay Exley and Tilly Garrod - 11th



Grade 4 mixed pair:

Lawrence Fields and Isla Jones - 7th


Grade 4 womens group OOA:

Aaliyah Chan, Ava Debonis and Amara Gamwell - Silver


Grade 4 womens group:

Chloe Walkling, Amy Dudley and Evie Pole - 8th


Grade 5 Womens trio:

Gina Cumberlidge, Evie Skinner and Erin Morgan : 8th

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