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Tony Merrett

Head Coach

Ipc qualified and National level Judge

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Naomi Shepherd

Squad 1 Coach

Level 3 qualified and National Judge

Wellfair Officer

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Leonie Warburton

Squad 2, 3 Coach & Choreographer

Level 1 acro qualified

Alice Andow

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Mandy Warburton

Assistant Head Coach and Head Gymtot, preschool and Recreational Coach.

Level 2 Preschool and Level 4 Acro qualified

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Sean Mckenna

Squad 1 Coach 

Level 1 acro qualified

Zoe Counsell

Squad 2 Coach

Level 2 qualified

Chloe Sully

Squad 2 Coach

Level 2 acro qualified

Welfare Officer

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Jess Smith

Emily Augar

Squad 3 and Recreational Assistant Coach

Kerry Garrod

Gym tots and Preschool Coach

Level 1 preschool qualified

Squad 2 and Recreational Coach

Level 2 qualified and Regional Judge

Heather Reed

Squad 3 and Recreational Assistant Coach

Eloise Baker

Recreational Assistant Coach

Lucy Smith

Recreational Assistant Coach

Recreational Assistant Coach

Unit 1B Brue Way, Wallow Estate, Highbridge, TA9 4AW | Tel: 07738909318 |

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