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Monarchs took part in the Annual South West Championships, which were held in Yate over a whole weekend with so many clubs now taking part.  This was a tough competition for the club this year as the competition moved from July to October and we lost a number of our senior gymnasts who have gone on to University and further education and this resulted in a huge change to partnerships.  However, the gymnasts always amaze the coaches and put on quite a show this weekend, Senior Pair Joe and Kian wowed the audience and judges with their amazing balance routine and new trio Ornela, Jess and Evie brought the house down with a very fast routine choreographed to Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. We also had the largest number of very young gymnasts ready to compete, some of them only six years old who were sensational and walked away with many medals:


Senior Results:


Joe Blake and Kian Hawkes in the 12-18 age group - Silver medals

Ornela Velaj, Jess Reed and Evie Tissington - 11-16 age group - Silver medals

Joe Reed, Toby Baker, Jack Warburton and Mason Wall - 11-16 age group - Silver medals

Gina Cumberlidge, Evie Skinner and Erin Morgan Level 5 - bronze medals


Junior Results:


Finley Keedwell and Holly Phillips - gold medals

Ernie Fields and Tay Meager - gold medals

Faith Hands, Connie Skinner and Hope Ephithite - silver medals

Louie Reed and Maggie Rice - silver medals

Jasmine Neilson and Doris Fields - silver medals

Sophie Bowden and Eve Dickinson - silver medals

Elijah Keedwell and Amelia Wainwright - bronze medals

Rosie Boxer and Marcie Smith - bronze medals

Lucie Davies and Molly Gough - bronze medals

Emily Taylor and Isabelle Boxer - bronze medals

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