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Monarchs Gynastics Club took a team of 17 gymnasts to this years competition travelling to Glasgow by mini bus and cars through the most dramatic snow storms we have ever experienced.   The snowball fights outside of the sports centre were almost as exciting as the competition itself.   21 teams from all over England, Scotland and Wales including the Scottish national team took part, however several other clubs were unable to make it due to the extreme weather conditions.  We had an excellent competition, with many medals being taken home and lots of records being broken.  For many of our gymnasts this was their first major competition and all exceeded their coaches expectations.


IDP Level trios

Ornela Velaj, Jinny Ager and Ava Debonis - 3rd balance, 2nd Dynamic and Silver medal overall


12-18 mens pairs

Joe Blake and Kian Hawkes - 1st Balance, 1st Dynamic, 1st Combined and Gold medal overall


12-18 Womens trios

Eloise Baker, Heather Reed and Olivia Reed - 8th Balance, 5th Dynamic and 7th overall


11-16 mens pairs

Joe Reed and Mason Wall - 4th Balance, 4th Dynamic and 4th overall


Grade 5 womens pairs

Jenny Marshall and Summer Belben - 4th Balance, 2nd Dynamic and Bronze medal overall


Level 5 womens group

Jess Reed, Amy Cracknell and Erin Morgan - 5th Balance, 2nd Tempo and 5th overall


Level 5 mens pairs

Toby Baker and Jack Hunt - 1st Balance, 1st Tempo and Gold medal overall

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