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Another successful international trip for Monarchs with 12 Gold medals, 13 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals being achieved by the gymnasts.



C klasse mens 4 - Jack Warburton, Toby Baker, Hayden Skelding and Jack Hunt (Combined).

C klasse mens pair - Joe Reed and Mason Wall (Combined).

11-18 mixed pair - Jacob Baker and Monique Wellman-Mason (Balance, Tempo and Combined).



8-16 mens pair - Joe Blake and Kian Hawkes (Balance, Tempo and Balance Finals).

B klasse woman’s pair - Jennifer Marshall and Evie Tissington (Balance and Tempo).

11-18 woman’s trio - Emmy Dymond, Casey House and Gina Cumberlidge (Balance).



C klasse woman’s pair - Emily Augar and Jess Hunt (Combined).

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