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The club took part in this annual competition from Saturday17th to Sunday 18th March in what was an exceptional competition. The South West is the largest region in the country with teams from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol and Gloucester taking part.  Only gymnasts gaining first place positions in their grades, from level 1 to 5 go through to the National Finals in Stoke on Trent in May and young Monarchs gymnasts Toby Baker aged 12 and his partner Jack Hunt aged 9 did just that winning gold medals.  The club had a huge success rate this year with some excellent results and medals being won by the following:


Grade 4 open age

Jack Warburton and Tilly Garrad - Gold 

Aaliyah Chan and Amara Gamwell - Bronze


Grade 4

Billy Marshall and Harvey Crook - Silver

Finley Keedwell and Ernie Fields - Bronze


Grade 5

Toby Baker and Jack Hunt - Gold

Jenny Marshall and Summer Belben - Bronze

Jessica Reed, Amy Cracknell and Erin Morgan - Bronze

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