After the Two day event Monarchs Gymnasts receive their medals for a great display of Gymnastics.


Gymnasts from Monarchs Acro Gymnastics Club return from MAINZ GERMANY after competing in a 3 day spectacular International Competition against gymnasts from Germany, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Denmark.

The MONARCHS Gymnasts certainly put Highbridge on the map winning an outstanding 48 individual medals in total. For many of the Gymnasts
it was their first time competing abroad and after the success of such an amazing weekend, are enthusiastically training for the next competition.

Families travelled in convoy through the Netherlands, Belgium, France and
Germany, whilst other parents flew, in order to support the Club. The Gymnasts trained up to 12 hours a week in preparation for the competition and all the training and dedication of the coaches, Tony Merrett, Mandy Warburton, Naomi Shepherd, Chloe Sadiq certainly paid off. 'They are all brilliant as well as being so talented and were a lovely group of kids to take away.
All of the gymnasts make us so proud.' says Sue Merrett. The support for each other, was outstanding, with the chorus of the Monarch's cheers dominating the competition, as each gymnast performed their spectacular routines, winning medal after medal.

Special thanks to Naomi Shepherd and Chloe Sadiq both coaches at the club, who were also judges in the competition, Julie Baker and team for helping with the organisation, Jo Hodder for all the beautiful leotards , John Smith for the thousands of photographs and all the families for their support. Finally, from all the families and their gymnasts, an enormous thank you to Tony Merrett and Mandy Warburton for all the time and commitment they have dedicated to the gymnasts resulting in the talented club MONARCHS has become!


Heather Reed,Emily Augar, Lucy Smith Samuel Cemm, Toby BakerKatie Hoskins, Ellie Petrie

Alice Dymond, Natasha Stockham x3Charlie Dymond, Thomas Hicks x3Gina Cumberlidge, Jacob Baker x3


Jack Warburton, Jack Hunt
Mia Rowlands, Alice Kelson, Feya Cooper Chloe Hayes, Jessica Reed x 2 Katie Hoskins, Ellie Petrie


Olivia Augar, Eleanor Cater, Olivia Reed x2 Shannon House, Eloise Baker, Shauna Cross x 2
Emmy Dymond, Casey House and Sophie McGrath qualified for the finals on Sunday, qualifying within the top eight partnerships, after performing two beautiful routines.

The Womens Pairs Age group 8-16 proved to be very competitive with fifteen partnerships competing. Hollie Grainger, Aaliyah Chan and Rosie Hodder, Grace Huggins both competed to a very high standard.

Katie Hoskins and Ellie Petrie were awarded a Trophy for achieving the highest score in their category for their Balance routine scoring a fantastic score of 27.300

A special mention goes to Shannon House who has been training with the Club since she was 4 years old. This was her last competition with the Club and achieved a Bronze Medal in both of her routines. Monarchs would like to wish Shannon all the best at University next year.

Thanks to SDS South West Digital Systems Ltd who sponsored us with training t shirts, our huge team were instantly recognisable on the competition floor whilst warming up their routines, as were their coaches, great thanks. The t shirts were printed locally at Jester Prints in Highbridge.



Gymnasts from Monarchs Gymnastics Club based in Highbridge Somerset, have recently returned from the 2014 Acrobatic National Finals held at Stoke on Trent. The Grade 6 men’s pair, Sean McKenna and Joseph Blake earned a well-deserved place on the South West team after winning the preliminaries back in February.
 After an early start, their balance routine was first up which after a shaky start was well executed earning them both high artistry and technical scores and a respective 24.910. The dynamic exercise followed receiving a superb 26.720 and the all-around gold medal with a total score of 51.630.
“The boys have worked extremely hard since February to reach this competition, especially as they’ve been training for two different levels and have had other competitions to work for. As a parent, I’m so happy to see that all the hard work has certainly paid off.” Expressed Sean’s proud Mum, Jan. The boys are now focusing their attention to the South West Championships in July where the aim to win another gold medal.




There were medals all round for six elite gymnasts from MONARCHS ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS CLUB in Highbridge, Somerset after returning from Switzerland last weekend. 

MONARCHS were invited to compete in the Swiss Open Championships, which was also being used for trials for the European Olympics. As well as our club representing the UK, they also invited a team from Japan, this being the first time their team were competing abroad. Our party was made up of 6 senior gymnasts, Sean McKenna and Joe Blake, Alice Dymond and Natasha Stockham and Katie Hoskins and Ellie Petrie, our two coaches Tony Merrett and Mandy Warburton, our judge Naomi Shepherd (also one of our coaches) and five parents.

First was the turn of Katie and Ellie and after seeing the others perform they knew they had a fight on their hands and put on the performance of their lives. They performed their balance routine first and finished in first place. The Dynamic display came next and they were still on a high from the last routine. They finished first again and took the gold medal with a score of 52.550, beating the pair who came in second place by 5.05 marks and gaining the highest score overall in the competition. Katie and Ellie came 8th recently in the British Championships.

It was the turn of Alice and Tash next and they put on a fantastic performance following the win from their team mates previously. They did a faultless balance routine finishing first and then went on to dynamic, once again finishing in first place therefore taking the Gold medal with an overall score of 50.400, wining by a massive 10 whole marks overall. Alice and Tash just missed the gold medal in the British Championships, coming home with Silver medals.

Well you can imagine the whole team were buzzing by the time it was time for Sean and Joe to compete. They went on the floor with huge applause from the spectators and didn’t disappoint anyone, they again finished an excellent balance routine and then went on to perform a very exciting dynamic routine and came away from the competition with gold medals once again. This was an excellent warm up for the boys as they will be competing shortly in the British NDP Finals in Stoke on Trent where we are hoping for more gold medals.

The team were presented with a magnigicent trophy and met up with the team from Japan that evening, who showered them with gifts to bring home and the gymnasts had a great time getting to know them even with the language barrier, neither team could speak each others language however it doesnt seem to be a problem in sport.  

The UK team enjoyed a day in Geneva before flying home.  MONARCHS will certainly be making a return visit and would definitely advocate everyone taking a trip to Geneva, just for the Swiss hospitality. Everyone has come back ecstatic with lots of stories and memories.




We have just held our annual tumbling competition with 70 gymnasts taking part from the age of 3 years to 18 years.  Well done to everyone taking part, many of them competing for the first time.

The results were as follows with a photo below of the novice group:

Tumbling 2014 Competition Winners:

Novice - Age 3-5 1st Jack Hunt, 2nd Matilda Huggins and 3rd Kiera Snowball.

Novice - Age 6-8  1st Skye Clayton, 2nd Freya Jones and 3rd Poppy Cooper

Novice - Age 9+   1st Aaliyah Brown, 2nd Holly Parsons and 3rd Gracie Donaghy.

Advanced - Age 6-8 1st Kian Hawkes, 2nd Luca Hopkinson and 3rd Jessica Hunt

Advanced - Age 9-11 Joint 1st Lucy Smith and Jennifer Marshall, 2nd Jinny Ager and 3rd Evie Tissington

Advanced - Age 12+  1st Joe Blake, 2nd Heather Reed and joint 3rd Natasha Stockham and Jacob Baker



As promised the 2014 Acrobatics British Championships, held in Stoke on Trent last weekend, proved to be a spectacle of fantastic gymnastics.
Competing against present World and European medallists were members of the Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club based in Highbridge. 
Katie Hoskins and Ellie Petrie competed in the 11-16 Age Group category and Alice Dymond and Natasha Stockham, competed in the Junior category.

The British Championships is where the gymnasts not only compete to be the best in Britain but are also fighting to prove why they deserve to represent Great Britain in the World Championships later in the year.

The competition was fierce in the 11-16 category, Katie and Ellie performed a new beautifully choreographed Balance routine, followed by their creative 'bouncy' Tempo routine in the afternoon.  Both routines were executed with confidence gaining them high artistry and difficulty scores to put them into the finals on Sunday.  After competing against present World and European medallists, they gained 8th position overall.

 'We are extremely proud of the girls to of competed and made it throught to the finals, as the standard of the gymnastics was so high.  The Girls competed against some of Europe and Great Britain's best gymnasts.  All of their efforts, training and long hours, paid off!" expressed proud parent Kerry Petrie.

Alice and Natasha competed in the high level Juniors section, it was their second time competing at the British Competition, however, their first time at Junior level.  They performed courageous balances and an expressive Tempo routine despite Alice recovering from a back problem, showing pure determination to complete both routines.  Their final challenge was the Combined routine in the Finals on Sunday, a combination of balances and tempo moves of which they executed well and gained Silver Medal overall!

Parents Tracy Dymond and Samantha Stockham were so proud the girls could still compete and achieve the Silver Medal. "We are very proud of our girls!"

The Championships were shown live on BGTV where the girls were supported by their family and friends at home.

The girls and their parents would like to thank coaches Mandy Warburton and Tony Merrett for all their time and hard work, Jo Hoddar of 'Dymond Leotards' for designing the beautiful leotards, Ashley Payne for choreographing the routines and Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Cub for all of their support.

MONARCHS - Return from South West Preliminary 2014 Competition

Gymnasts from Monarchs acrobatic gymnastic club in Highbridge have returned from successful competitions at the South West prelims held on Sunday 16th February in Sherborne and the following weekend at Wellspring Sports Centre in Taunton. Seven partnerships competed in Sherbourne and for many of the gymnasts it was their first competition representing the club.

Congratulations go to Kian Hawkes and Owen Merrett who gained a bronze medal in the men's pair grade 1 and to Toby Baker and Sam Cemm who were awarded a silver medal in the grade 3 men's pair. All gymnasts performed clear routines and were a credit to the club.

At Wellspring in Taunton the Monarchs team competed all weekend, they were very well represented with fifteen partnerships competing with clubs from all over the South West region. 

Congratulations go to Billy Marshall  and Jack Warburton who gained a gold medal in the mens pair grade 3 out of age, closely followed in the scoring with Lennon Slater and Luca Hopkinson who gained the silver medal.  Charlie Dymond and Thomas Hicks were awarded the silver medal in the mens pair grade 5.  Shannon House, Eloise Baker and Shauna Cross were awarded the bronze medal in the womens trio grade 6. Sean McKenna and Joseph Blake were very succesful in winning the gold medal, which leads them on to represent the South West of England at the NDP finals competing in the mens pair grade 6 later in the year.


All gymnasts worked incredibly hard to achieve a fantastic result and are now looking forward to the next round of competitions.

The club welcomes new gymnasts to its recreational group and should contact Mandy Warburton on 07738909318 for more information all ages are cated for.



To celebrate the great acheivements made over the past year by both gymnasts and coaches and to see just how far the club had come since it moved in to its new premises in Highbridge an awards event was held. The event was compared by Shep and started with a look back over the year with a presentation created by both Naomi Shepherd and Shep:


Firstly the Gymnasts

The award for Monarchs Young Gymnast of the year was presented by Neville Jones to both Olivia Augar and Alice Dymond.


There were many more awards presented to the Gymnasts......

Then it was time for Tony, Sue & Mandy to say thanks to the Coach's, Naomi, Zoe & Chloe.

And a big thanks went to Sue for all her hard work!
And not forgetting all the parents who have helped
And the amazing Compare - Shep
After all the excitement, all that was left to do was Chat....

And Eat..................





After month's of preparation, Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club celebrated a weekend full of spectacular acrobatics performing their "Musical Madness' display, an opportunity for gymnasts of all ages and abilities, to come together and perform in their vibrant costumes, to family and friends.

Routines were choreographed by Alice Andow, an ex-gymnast, to music from well known musicals, with individual partnerships performing competition routines.

Fun and laughter was had by all, with an abundance of cakes and refreshments available, followed by a raffle.

Monarchs coaches, Tony, Sue, Mandy, Naomi, Chloe and Zoe would like to thank all the gymnasts who put on such a fantastic show and to everyone involved, offering their time free of charge.

Special thanks goes to, Alice for choreographing the routines. John and Dave, for all the hours of building work. Jo for making the leotards and the display outfits. All the mums who have cleaned, baked, and sold refreshments and raffle tickets. Thank you to the recreational gymnasts, who put on a very talented show and finally to all of the parents, families and friends for giving such enormous support. The Club would also like to thank Ilse and Teresa, from the Ladies Group ,for their huge donation to the Club.

The Monarch's celebrated their first annual end of year display in spectacular colour, raising a total of £1613.08 to help towards their new spectator area and cafe.


monarchs muscial madness


SDS Copiers Sponsors Monarchs Gymnastics

Mandy, Tony, Sue and everyone at Monarchs wants to say "Thanks" to SDS Copiers for their support.


SDS Copiers were quoted as saying:


"We are pleased to be involved with Monarchs to assist Mandy and team to put Burnham on the map"


Monarchs 2013 Recreational Tumbling Club Competiton

With more than 70 competitiors taking part! The Annual Recreational Tumbling Club Compettion was well attended and watched by over 100 spectators. The competitors were aged from 3 years old up to thirty something. The medals were presented by our Honorary President, Counsellor Neville Jones.

The Winners were:

Novice 5 and under

3rd Sophie Greenwood
2nd Mercina Marceches
1st Nate Love

Novice 8 and under

3rd Kian Hawkes
2nd Ellie Spofford
1st Melissa Slatter

Novice 12 and under

3rd Macy Lucas
2nd Milly Fooks
1st C J Milsom

Advanced 7-9 years

3rd karen lee
2nd Gina Cumberlidge
1st Sophie McGrath

Advanced 10-12 years

3rd Maddie Rose
2nd Ellie Petrie
1st Shauna Cross

Novice 18+

2nd Lesley Reed
3rd Tanya Smith

The Coaches would like to thank everyone for taking part and to all the parents that helped on the day to make it a very successful competiton


News Update!!! Sponsored Cartwheel/ Forward Roll!!

Well done to everyone that took part!! we raised £1,286 good hey :-)

from Mandy W.


Monarchs British Championships Performance hits the Press!!!......Report from Newspaper The Bristol Independent!!

Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club @ The British Championships 2013

Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club @ The British Championships 2013


A group of 11 gymnasts from Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club have recently returned from the British Championships at Fenton Manor in Stoke on Trent. For many of the gymnasts this was their first time competing at the championships.


Jazz & Ellie Make their Mums Proud


The weekend started with the 11-16 women’s pairs, Jazmine Bassett and Ellie Petrie performing two beautiful routines. The first being their ellienjaz.JPG balance routine which was executed well, then followed later in the day by their bouncy dynamic routine. The girls mum’s both said “They were very proud to see them competing at such a high level at the championships”.













New to the Championships!!


Next in the same category were Alice Dymond and Natasha Stockham. First time competing at the British they did exceptionally well and qualifiednatashnalice.JPG for the finals the next day. They managed to receive their personal best score for their final routine. The competition was very high and they were pleased at getting into the finals in their first time at the championships. Both mums were very proud of the girls and said what a fantastic experience it was for them.











Mens 4 Silver Medalists


The Men’s 4 competing in the 12-18 Men’s group, Connor & Sean McKenna, Jacob Baker and Joseph Blake. The boys performed two very confident and difficult routines, gaining them a place in the finals, where they performed a combined routine of both balance and tempo.  The boys were pleased to bring home the Silver medal. Parents of the boys were very pleased and very proud of them ajoseanconnorjacob.JPGll.




















Womens Trio Bows Out at the Top


Women’s trio competing in the 13-19 Women’s group, Sophie McArdle, Crystal Hale and Ellie Cater. The girls performed two beautiful routines, gaining them a place in the finals. Again in the finals they had to perform a combined routine and they were placed a very respectable 4th place. Dad Clive Hale said “I’m very proud of the girls as the Championships is a competition for the ‘Best of the Best’ in British Acrobatics Gymnastics, especially as this is their last competition as a trio”.




Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club in Portugal For 2013 International Championship's.

Fourteen Acrobatic Gymnasts from the Monarchs Club Highbridge, have just returned from an exhilarating 6 days in Portugal competing in an International Competition against gymnasts from another  14 countries around the world. A total of 579 gymnasts  competed in  the Maia International Acro Cup Competition and provided a weekend of energetic and exciting acrobatics.  Family and friends were able to watch the Highbridge Gymnasts with live coverage on the internet.


As an added bonus. The MAIA FIG WORLD CUP was also being held there with world class Acrobatics being executed from the World’s Best Gymnasts, providing a unique opportunity for the Monarchs to mix with international clubs competing at a very high level,  an experience the Highbridge Team will never forget.


Katie Hoskins and Grace Huggins competed in the Beginners section.  This was Grace’s first international competition, completing all their moves in a new routine, conquering pre-competition nerves resulting in an overall score of 24.700 Gracie’s mum Susie found it a very emotional time for bokatie and gracie.JPGth gymnasts and parents.
















Emily Woolley, Alice Kelson and Shauna Cross competed in the Women’s Youth Group.  This was Shauna and Alice’s first International.  Shauna’s mum Tracey said, “As a first time mum visiting an overseas competition, I was very impressed with the organization.  The Girls were nervous for their Tempo routine and delivered a beautiful Balance routine.  I was rather imprShauna Emily Alice.JPGessed with the high standard in every category.”
















Women’s Youth Pair, Alice Dymond and Natasha Stockham achieved an amazing 11th place with their Balance routine scoring thNatasha and Alice.JPGeir highest score ever of 25.8 followed by their Tempo routine on the Saturday where their smiles shone, gaining them 15th place overall.  Just missing out by 0.15 points to qualify for the Finals on Sunday. A fantastic achievement for their first international competition.  Natasha’s mum, Sam felt both routines were beautifully executed and  thoroughly enjoyed watching all the  gymnasts compete.  The girls compete again at The British Acrobatic Competition later in the month.









Monarch’s famous Men's Four, becoming well known to the Portugal Competition, Joseph Blake, Jacob Baker, and brothers Sean Mckenna and Conor Mckenna took the Bronze Medal in their category.   All three routines had been changed for the competition and Monarchs Coach Naomi Shepherd was delighted with their performances, all moves held were done so to a very high standard.  Jacob’s Joseph Sean Conor Jacob.JPGmum Julie was impressed every time with the strength and stamina involved.  “I am so proud to watch my son compete at an international level and felt privileged to watch the World Cup” Brian, Joseph’s father stated “They are all winners in my eyes! You certainly feel the nerves and pressure of what's involved for the gymnasts who compete at such a high level.”











Finally, Junior level Womens Trio, Ellie Cater, Sophie McArdle and Crystal Hale who competed in their last International  Competition as a Trio, maintained 7th place overall after executing both routines with confidence in a very competitive group. “The girls did fantastically well, it was such a shame they missed the finals by Ellie Sophie and Crystal Trio.JPGone place.” said Crystal’s father Clive.



















All the gymnasts did fantastically well and all the coaches are very proud of them all.  It was such a good experience.” concluded Club Coach Mandy Warburton.  The Monarchs Gymnasts and Parents would like to thank Head Coach Tony Merrett, and Coaches, Mandy Warburton, Naomi Shepherd and Donna Cater for organizing and supervising such a fabulous trip!




Monarchs Compete for the National Finals


Success for Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club gaining two Gold Medals, one Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals at the South West Acrobatics Gymnastics Prelims 2013
held in Taunton last weekend.  Monarchs competed against 15 other Clubs based in the South West Region in an attempt to gain first place in each category, to then represent 
the region at the National Finals to be held in Stoke on Trent in May.

Two new partnerships in the Grade 1 Women's Pairs, Elloise Darby and Gina Cumberlidge, Casey House and Karen Lee competed in a very large category this year and 
performed two lovely routines.

Leonie Warburton, Olivia Augar and Victoria Prior, positioned a fantastic 6th place in the Grade 1 Women’s Groups, after performing a very confident routine.

Grade 2 Women’s Pairs, Katie Hoskins and Gracie Huggins, executed a very artistic routine, claiming the Gold Medal in their category.  They will be competing at the 
Regional Finals in May; representing the South West Region.  They will also be competing in Portugal next week.

Grade 2 Womens Group, Emmy Dymond, Tallulah Harris and Sophie McGrath's routine was rated at a very high difficulty and gained 12th position in a very large category.

Grade 2 Mens Pairs, Charlie Dymond and Thomas Hicks demonstrated a very fluent routine, performed with confidence, and claimed the Gold Medal.  Unfortunately, due to being out of age will not be able to compete in the Finals in Stoke.

Grade 2 Womens Group was represented by new partnership Mia Rowlands, Maddie Rose and Riannon Love who won the Bronze Medal for a superb performance.  It was Riannon's first competition 'She took it all in her stride!' said coach Chloe Sadiq.

Grade 3 Womens Pairs proved to be a very competitive grouping between Gold and Silver positions, with Monarchs Jazmine Bassett and Ellie Petrie holding onto the Silver Medal position
throughout two very confident routines.  They will also be competing at the British Competition in Stoke later this year.

After a very traumatic training period the Grade 3 Women’s Group Monarchs trio Emily Woolley, Alice Kelson and Shauna Cross successfully completed their routines, after Shauna recently recovered from breaking her arm, they gained 8th position which has boosted their confidence ready to compete in Portugal next week.

Shannon House, Eloise Baker and Holly Grainger just missed out on the Bronze Medal achieving 4th place in their first competition together.  Despite being worried about their balance, they performed two beautiful routines.

Alice Dymond and Natasha Stockham, now competing at Grade 4 level won a fabulous Bronze Medal.  Due to a technical error, their music stopped and both girls continued their routine without a fault.  'I'm really proud of Natasha's performance' said partner Alice.  The girls will also be competing in Portugal next week.

'The weekend was very exciting and enjoyable and all the members of the Club who competed did exceptionally well.  We are all proud of their achievements' said Lindsey Sylvester, club parent.



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